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About Us

As a social organization, Vette Masters of Florida Corvette Club's purpose is to serve and support in the development of social, educational, religious and cultural needs of our community.

Our club was formed by six gentlemen on October 26, 2006, in Orlando, Florida. Since that time, our membership has increased across the state of Florida. We also have a Corvette Connection Partnership (CCP) that includes a parade of corvettes in Brunswick, GA, Savannah, GA and the Port City Corvette Club in Charleston, SC.

Many of our members are also active in the International Council of Corvette Clubs (ICCC), where corvette owners from across the nation come together for the quarterly functions and annual conventions.

Want to know more about our growing club? Then contact us at so that we can assist you quickly! Our MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION is also available online!


Don Brooks, President

Ed Lundy, Vice President-Treasurer

Romarion "Ro" Haynes, Assistant Treasurer

Natasha Spencer, Scholarship Committee

David Graves, Parliamentarian/Board Member

Peter Nelson, Board Member, Road Captain

Brenda Williams, Secretary

James Banks, Board Member

John Lamkin, Board Member

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