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Members Phone List

To request adjustments to this list, please send the updated information using the "Contact Us" button, or you may call or text 904-673-5039. Thanks!

James Banks cell: 904-333-2140

Don Brooks cell: 904-763-6836

Johnny Causey cell: 719-930-5127

Jessie Dendy cell: 904-891-8425

David Graves cell: 904-509-3642

Romarion "Ro" Haynes cell: 904-716-5570

Johnnie Jones cell: 321-438-9368

John Lamkin cell: 904-635-1672

Ed Lundy cell: 904-923-8178

Peter Nelson cell: 904-403-9745

Teresa Reddick cell: 904-571-2890

Natasha Spencer cell: 904-476-9510

Thomas Spencer cell:904-234-3307

Andrew Tarver cell: 904-568-6250

Bernard Williams cell: 904-868-1388

Ernest Yarbrough cell: 904-303-4593

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