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Vette Masters of Florida is committed to the financial aid and assistance of African-American students who are currently seniors attending a Florida high school. Recipients of our scholarship must anticipate graduating during the current school year of 2011-2012, and must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Three students will be chosen to receive awards in the range of:

$200.00 - $500.00

All awards will be issued in the form of a check, and 100% of the award will be given at one time.


Please type a response that focuses on answering the following prompt:

What are your plans after graduating high school? What character traits will you practice to ensure success with your future endeavors?

Your response of 500 words (minimum) should be submitted as an attachment via email to within 24 hours of your online application.


A letter of recommendation should be submitted from someone who is not a relative of yours. This person should be able to attest to your character, skills or talents, and should be able to "paint a picture" describing why you are a great candidate to receive a VMF scholarship. Your letter of recommendation must be submitted via email (from the person's email address) or regular mail before the application deadline.

First Name*

Last Name*

Home Address*

City, ST Zip*

Email Address*

Home Phone

Cellular Phone

Florida High School*

Date of Graduation*

Parent/Guardian's Name*

Parent/Guardian's Best Contact Number

How did you hear about the VMF scholarship?

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible

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